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Welcome to the 119th Element!

Southern Gentleman, Science Advocate, and Innovator are a few of my attributes. My key focus is to leave my footprint on this world and I do this through my passions. Tap into this new element!

Point of Pride

-Passionate about my service to others which is done under STEM and mentorship.

-Career development, college preparatory topics, and strategy are a few traits.

-My aim is to foster an impact to elevate you or your entity/ organization from one level to the next.

-Request me for your STEM activities, mentorship opportunities, and speaking engagements so we can impact others together.

Chemical Reaction


New Book Alert

The Periodik Change In Me= U!

This book is for the everyday person that goes through trial and tribulations in their relationships with family members, children, and spouses. It is also for the person that desires structure in their attempt to navigate through any situation dealing with money, school, church, organization, and personal.

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